Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sundy then comes Mundy.

It's Sunday evening here and I am thinking too much again. You know what happens when I have too many thoughts, right? I blog it out. Looking back, though, it seems having too many thoughts hasn't really been my problem lately! HA! Well, that's about to change. It's almost spring time and I've come out of my shell of hibernation to speak to you all yet again. 
Here's what I've learned in life in the form of four snaps in a circle S.
Firs, the things I didn't like.

1. My numero uno nemesis right now is Coconut Water. It's trendy, healthy, full of valuable rainbow juice and unicorn pee pee. Everyone loves it and it's impossible to live life one second longer without it. So, here's my problem. It tastes like water and has the consistency of milk. It's thick water.  Not. Ok. I've tried different brands and flavors, so don't go down that road, I am not changing my mind.

2. I am just going to say it, at the risk of losing you, I'm going to say it. 
Grumpy Cat is not funny. Stop it.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar is no good either. I know it also has a million uses and will heal the crap out of you but it tastes exactly as terrible as it sounds like it should. There's no easy way of drinking it. Nope. None. I also have some issues with drinking something that can also be used as a bathtub cleaner and wart remover.

Now, on to what I love, which is why you all are here.

1. Thrift Shops. I've been doing it for years and I'm glad someone famous has finally brought it to light to make it popular. Thank you Macklemore. John Wayne ain't got nothin on my fringe game.

2. Liquid Chlorophyll. Sounds really cray but honestly it is natures energy juice. I drink it in the morning and it's no joke like drinking something that gave me spidey senses. I would not mislead you friends, I think it's worth a whirl.

3. Craigslist. Not the same as thrift shops so I feel comfortable giving it its own number. I got a new juicer for twenty bucks. For something that can easily run a quick hundy, that's not a bad deal. They have so much to offer and don't forget, the best reason to use second hand is to reduce your carbon footprint and your self waste. Recycle fools, it's all we got.

4. Lavender Oil. It helps me not just sleep but get a full rest. It's smell is strong but it instantly relaxes my new spidey senses and lets my body naturally drift to sleep.

Alright, to get back on the blog horse, there's the top three hates and four loves over the past few months. There will be more, there will be pictures and fun and there will be more cuteness, as always. I want to tell you what works and what doesn't and I want to inspire you to save yourself and the world. Enough, have a good sleep, make it through tomorrow, and love one another.

One more thing- my husband thinks I'm turning into a hipster. My question is this, what is the big damn deal about being one if I was? Why does everyone love to hate them? Next post- I'll have to weigh my hipster tendencies with my hippy/nerd tendencies and see which one wins.