Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Baby Shower? It's here, it's there, it's everywhere!

I wanted very much to share something special with everyone today. I recently had the pleasure of planning a baby shower for a woman having her first baby (in 13 years). It was my honor to be a part of her day and I was delighted they decided to hire me. I started by sending her some ideas on the direction we could go for the shower and I was so excited when she decided on Dr. Seuss, a personal favorite of mine. Oh the places I could go with this shower! (Pun definitely intended.) So, without further who-sense, I would like to share with you some of the pictures of the very special day.
We were on a shoestring budget which is of course, my specialty. I love the challenge of doing something so grand for so little and finding different, creative ways to make it special. The venue was a small home turned training facility for Mary Kay ladies.

There was a back door so I needed a sign directing all to the front:

Once around the front, everyone was greeted by the small reassurance that they had the right place: 

Once inside, everyone signed the Happy Birthday to You Book:

I made a little Mommy Seuss Chair and Gift Station:

Don't forget all the tasty food!
We had a variety of Seussical Foods of Wonder!!

Gertrude McFuzz Berries

Noodle Eating Poodle Noodles

Sneetch Treats

Green Eggs and Ham

And, of course, the Last Can of Who Hash
To Drink, we had Dr. Seuss Water and Yink Pink Ink Drink!

The game we played was called Name That Baby! We had 14 songs all with the word "Baby" in the title and everyone had to guess either the artist or the song or both! 
And before everyone left, they got a copy of Name That Baby! 
That's all she wrote, folks. I had an amazing time planning and celebrating a new baby! There are plenty more photos, but I am saving those for mommy and her baby book!

*Don't forget to check the blog tomorrow, too! I have some big plans for the first Friday this blog has seen!*


  1. Wow! Those were such cute ideas! Good work!:-)

  2. You are so clever Sara! I will never be able to make Maureen's shower that cute!

    1. I have about a million ideas if you are interested! I don't want to impose, but I would love to help any way you might need it. Just let me know! You guys did an amazing job with the invitations!

  3. So excellent!! You are indeed one Crafty Carolin!