Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Annie are you ok?

Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie?

What a classic song. It’s got the top three traits I consider necessary for an amazing song:
  1. Made in the 80s
  2. Clapping
  3. More than one breakdown
Bonus Traits: MJ, a crescendo, and murder

     In life, when I feel like I’m taking things too seriously (usually prompted by crying in an inappropriate place, a sharp increase in food intake, or using the phrase “life-failure” when referring to myself) I decide to turn to music for some clearing of the mind and soul. Today I choose to walk like an Egyptian down Electric Avenue to the 80s so I can party like it’s 1999.

     For the record, my boss likes to do this thing where he stands patiently and quietly until I notice he is there. Our office is set up to have the computers facing out, so your back is always to the opening of your cubicle.
          Today, I was reenacting the entire breakdown of the Smooth Criminal Lean (while I was sitting in my office chair working) and he, from what I gather, was able to catch the entire show. 
(something, in retrospect, I realize I could have charged admission for, but that is neither here or there) 
          Another time, I was under my desk trying to unplug something and pulled so hard, when it did unplug, I punched myself in the nose. Friends, I am not exaggerating when I say I saw stars. I had to sit back on my heels for a moment and gather my marbles. Then I had that glimmer of hope I’d broke it so I could go home for the day. As I’m checking my nose for breaks and blood through flashes of floating stars, I notice my boss is standing, patiently waiting for me to answer a question. I promise you, I was on the floor for a good five minutes while he waited for me to get it together.

            Why do I bring all of this up to you today, of all days? What’s so special about this Wednesday that I should give you a lecture about facing embarrassment with the best of us? I’ve been moved, folks. I’ve been moved to tell you that life isn’t about you. Life is about the people around and making their lives less hard, more fun, and full of moments they can enjoy. I've enjoyed hearing two people talk in depth about this in the past four days and I figure, since I’m feeling a bit of sophomore slump from my initial blog entry, I should just begin typing and see what develops. I asked in my last entry, “Have you made anyone feel good today?” Well, have you? Do you know why I don’t care that I embarrass myself on a regular basis? Because I find solace in the fact that maybe it made someone smile. Maybe it made someone feel like their life isn’t so bad. In turn, that notion makes me happy, it makes my day better, and it makes my life worth living. Did my boss laugh at me when I punched myself in the face? No, but maybe he told someone about it later and they had a good moment together, laughing, enjoying life. Even if you never know that you made someone’s day better, moment better, life better, doesn’t it make you feel full of worth to think that it’s possible?
            Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? (I mean the school of thought represented in the chaos theory, not the super-sweet movie). It basically says this:  the phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. 
          So I ask you, why does it sound so impossible that you can change someone’s life by one small gesture, comment, moment? What is a more complex system than the human life? It just takes one small change. So, comrades, I ask you again have you made anyone feel good today?
          I will leave you today, with the chorus of a song. Arguably the second best song of the 80s (sans all songs sang by Madonna, MJ, or Bret Michaels). Try and listen to it with your eyes closed and remember this is how I feel about you. Also know that since you have completed reading the second entry of this blog, there truly is nothing a hundred men or more could do to take me away from you.

Africa by Toto

It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never have
[ Lyrics from: ] 


  1. Love this, Sara. Life is full of wonderful moments.

  2. You are right, don't forget it!

  3. Great Blog friend. Made me smile. :)