Sunday, July 29, 2012

G-Free for you and me!

Let's talk about bread baby, let's talk about glu-ten free!! That's right, I just went there. I'm back folks and I've got a lot to talk about. Let's begin today with all of the new GF products and we'll then wrap up with a GF bread surprise!!
Ok let us begin. You might wonder where I find these wonderful treasures. I have found that there are a few nature stores in our area but my absolute favorite is Nature's Pharm on US31. 

So my trip to Nature's Pharm was a slight success and a slight test of my new way of life. First, I have to say, they have a massive selection- Two entire aisles!

Holy G-Free Batman!!

First, I saw these and decided to pass, mainly because I couldn't stop giggling... shame on you, Betty Lou!

Let's get serious. The best cookies I've found that are pre-made G-free are Dr. Lucy's. If you know me at all, you can probably guess why I decided to nab these, I mean, they are not only cute but also share a name with my favorite pup.

Next up, I cannot get anywhere without seeing Pop-Chips. So of course I pick up my favorite flavor of chips S&V. Sorry to let you know, folks, but these taste the same way my pup's food smells. Like when you do that first pour into the empty bowl and you forget to hold your breath and inhale a large serving of dog food and that smell takes space in the back of your throat and you have to cough to ensure you don't throw up. Like that.

While I'm failing at finding delicious goodies, let me also tell you I tried a lemon cookie. I've found that even though something is my favorite in normal, gluten filled foods, it might not be my favorite in GF foods. Also a lot of GF foods have a strange aftertaste. This is the case below. I love the Alternative Baking Company and I love how cute the little package is, but I will need to go a different route flavor-wise next time. 

I also bought some cute car shaped GF pasta and some new sauce mixes for pasta sauce. I'll let you know how those go when I make them!

Alright, down to brass tax. The one thing I have missed and not been able to substitute has been bread. Something everyone on a day to day basis takes for granted. I have tried the stuff in the store and it is gross. Plain and simple, it is gross. The whole idea of this is to find foods that don't remind me I am eating on a restricted diet, not foods that slap me in the face with it like jerks. Jerk foods. I hate them. Anyway, I found some bread mix from a trusted source that sells amazing GF cookie mix and I took matters into my own hands. Meet Pamela's.

Pamela, meet my bread machine (also known as B-Mac).

When B-Mac and Pamela get together, this is what happens:


And finally:

Best. Bread. Ever. 
Case Closed. 

So, I went shopping, got really sick for a week, and then ended with a wonderful homemade bread. Sounds like quite a week, but there is more to come, I can feel it. 
Enjoy yourself and your GF products, no matter what it takes. 

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  1. "jerk foods" made me laugh! Nice bread my friend!