Monday, July 16, 2012

Gluten Free by chance, not by choice

Two weeks ago I met with a doctor. I says to him: Doctor, Doctor! I am sick! HELP! And do you know what he tells me? Stop eating gluten. (Found in? Everything.)

This is when I decided that my thoughts didn't have enough room in my head so I needed to invest in some space here, online. 

After two weeks of eating gluten free and doing my best to strut my new title of “Gluten Intolerant” I have questions. The main questions that stick out to me right now are as follows:
1. Why do GF breads have to be found in the frozen section?
2. What makes sticky rice sticky? (one I haven’t decided I want to know the answer to just yet)
3. Is my, uhm, business in the, uhm, water closet always going to look like that?
Things I know from being GF:
1. If you want something that has a GF stamp on the front, you will pay extra for it.

2. Red Bull is Gluten Free.

3. Lärabars are not going to look how you think they should, no matter what flavor you get. Unless somewhere in the small section of GF foods you can find “Woodsman Stool” flavor. (For the record, I do not get paid by Lärabar, but I do eat one every single day. Even though it looks like the description I’ve given, trust me, they are good.)

So what does all this mean? Not much, just a change in how I see life. That happens for me on almost a daily basis, so it seems small at this point. It’s also something I’m going to write about, so get used to it. I have read a million books, sites, and articles and they are not much help when letting me know what’s actually good. I’d like to read that sticky rice is gross without extra sauce before spending $3.95 on a single serving. I would also like to have known that Ruffles chips are GF so I could feel a little less like an outsider once in a while.
Additional thoughts today:
- Have you read “The Host”? I have. Twice. You should, too.
- I saw a hybrid IndyGo bus today and it made me so happy I wanted to reach out my car window and high five the side of the bus. Nice work, Indy.
- For lunch today I’m having Sugar Free Red Bull, Asian Sticky Rice, and GF Brownies my husband made me last night. (Don’t you judge me; I’m still trying to iron out lunch details).

Have you made anyone feel good today?  

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